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    Sentector is a revolutionary mobile app that allows smartphones and tablets to detect specific sounds in your room 24 hours a day and sends alerts via email, SMS and image capture.

    Train your Android to alert you when it hears a SPECIFIC sound at your home, office or lab. Unlike other apps, random loud noises such as a dog barking or your own voice, will not set-off the alert.

    Use in a noisy lab setting as a 24-hour security system to alert you when a sensitive machine sets off an alarm. Or use at home and train it to listen when the water alarm goes off if there is flooding in your basement

    It includes:

    ✓ A sound detector that is trained to listen to a specific sound
    ✓ Image surveillance: it will email a picture of the alarm is triggered
    ✓ A surveillance log which allows you to review when the alarm was set off
    ✓ An email warning alert if your power goes out

    11-18-2013 07:10 PM

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