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    Whether you are having a night out with friends, taking a vacation, filming your pets (the next cat shark viral sensation), or capturing your childs first steps, Voyzee is the perfect allin-one photo and video storyteller.

    Capture or upload your favorite images and video clips and utilize Voyzees unique editing tools to bring your story to life. Add captions and descriptions, filters, and animations. Remove background audio and record your own narration, even add a soundtrack (choose from the Voyzee library or your own music library). Voyzee turns your photos and videos into a beautiful video story!

    Each Voyzee can be shared with others via Voyzees own in-app social network and website (Voyzee Home), or with friends via Faceboook, Twitter, email or text message. You can even download your Voyzee and save it to your camera roll to share on other networks of your choosing (YouTube, Vimeo etc). With Voyzee its your story, your voice, your choice.

    Download here

    Upload photos or video from your camera roll or capture new footage (up to 30 photos and/or videos per story).
    Add your own voice-over narration to each picture or video.
    Move and scale photos and apply filters, animation, and other effects.
    Customize captions and descriptions.
    Trim the start and end frames of video clips.
    Remove video background audio from video clips.
    Choose a soundtrack (pick from the Voyzee catalog or from your phones music library).
    Post your Voyzee to your timeline to share it with others using the app or following you on Voyzee.com.
    Like, comment and follow their Voyzees.
    Share directly to Facebook & Twitter or via SMS and email.
    Download your Voyzee to your camera roll and re-post it anywhere!
    Voyzee combines your photos, videos, any edits, narration, and music into your unique, compelling video story
    Re-edit published and shared stories and they will automatically update wherever they have been shared!
    Supports Android 2.3 and higher.
    11-26-2013 10:42 AM

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