1. a1c4z4r's Avatar
    Sorry if this is supposed to go in the "How-to" section (or any different section for that matter).

    Anyhow, do any of you have any information on the Flash games for Android? Can they be compiled as Android applications (Flash CS5 has a feature to compile as an iPhone app; Is it the same process for Flash games?)? I've googled it everywhich different way, and all that ever comes up is articles about how Kongregate put 120 Flash games on the Android when Froyo was first released, and quotes from their game developers saying "It took me 10 minutes to compile my game for Android.", an stuff like that. I've also looked at Flash CS5 information on doing this. Does it have something to do with Flash Catalyst?

    Thanks for your time.
    09-11-2010 02:24 PM
  2. icandobetter's Avatar
    It's a pretty the same way as you do when develop classic flash applications. Creating flash game for Android is possible with Flash CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5, because they include AIR 2.7 platform. There are few steps that you have to do before compile for Android or iOS platform, but the process of development is more less the same as usual. You have to keep in mind that resources of mobile devices are limited, so avoid filters and spectacular effects that occupied memory.
    09-23-2011 06:27 AM