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    Hi, last days I'm having a problem with my phone: My WhatsApp notifications for example, are only showing app if I open up the app like: if someone send me a message now and I open the app 1 hour later, the notification only apears that moment, 1 hour later from the sending. But this only happens on the first message of the conversation, if we proceed texting they come right, but if passes half an hour for example, I don't receive it again. And an extra: DropSync is closing if the upload takes too much time, conclusion: Is stops uploading. I think it might be connected, maybe there is an app closing them after the screen is off and locked for sometime... Any known issue with this? (The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505, with android 4.3 Touchwiz)

    [PS.: I have Greenify and Battery Doctor installed, but these apps for example, arent Greenified, and are in the Battery Doctor's white list...]
    12-08-2013 08:08 AM

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