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    So I've been trying numerous apps over the last couple of weeks due to the stock kit kat email app not meeting my needs for a work based exchange email (mainly around its difficulties to view various file formats such as .tiff even with apps installed as it doesn't recognize the format).

    So far I've tried AquaMail, K-9 (don't think it had exchange), MySecureMail and possibly others that I'm forgetting. TouchDown HD seems to work the best in that it has a great Exchange interface and syncs with calendars, notes, etc. It also allows me to seamlessly open .tiff files (I get a lot of scanned faxes) and seems to do better with attachments in general.

    But at $19.99 it seems a bit ridiculous and I find the interface a bit clunky (though maybe it's customizable as I have only had it for a day). Plus I'm not sure whether it permits IMAP/POP accounts (which would mean I'd have to use the stock gmail app for my main gmail acct, the stock email app for my IMAP accts, and then TouchDown for my work email). If the paid version does, maybe I'll just go with it.

    Just curious if there is anything out there I haven't mentioned above that works well with Exchange and permits calendar syncing of the exchange calendar and is secure (admittedly, I have no idea if TouchDown is secure or not and am new to Android in general coming from BB) before I drop $20 on it.

    12-12-2013 08:31 AM

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