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    Hi everyone

    I have been searching a long time for a good app for playing my mp3's and podcasts.
    The normal music player in android doesn't read all the tags of my podcasts, so a couple of them are stored in the music - unkown artist list.
    On my Macbook they have all the right tags and I used some other programms to give them tags. But it didnt help.

    I tried Poweramp and liked it very much, but this app skipped my podcasts after 5 seconds of playing.
    The app didnt do this to every podcast.. But only the ones that weren't free podcasts.. And I like to listen to my podcasts if I paid for them..

    Do you have a tip or solution? Please let me know


    EDIT: I have a HTC ONE with Android 4.3 HTC Sense 5.5
    12-24-2013 03:55 AM

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