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    Are you confused with the 5-Star Hero Silver Maske? Why can't I fortify or evolve him? What's his usage? Did I waste my energy to get all the pieces? Now Helen tells you that you don't waste any of your time or energy. And the following is the turorial for how to use Silver Maske.
    Google play: http://goo.gl/qDUhEu
    Apple Store: http://goo.gl/5gdq1Y
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-1385456632782_image.jpg
    1. You need to collect enough Silver Maske Pieces (100 pieces) to combine a Silver Maske. You can go to your Warehouse to complete this step.
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-138806132844.jpg
    2. Now you get a Silver Maske. You can check up his attributes in Cards>Hero Card. And you can see his Level is 1/1. So you can't fortify to upgrade it as you do for other cards. Also you can't evolve it. Now you can see his leader skill is Awakening Material Lv2. Helen believes that now you realize it's an awakening material which means you can use it to increase the success rate when you fuse hero. And Silver Maske can increase 13% of the success rate.
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-138806150852.jpg
    3. Then you can go to Fortify>Adv.Functions>Fuse Hero. Select Main Card (only those cards without "S" and over 4-Star Heroes are in the list). Here you need to select a 5-Star Hero card, because the Silver Maske is 5-Star Card.
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-138806192595.jpg
    4. Now let's select materials. Tap Select Materials. Here Helen selects another 5-Star hero first, then we can have a good comparation of the change of the success rate. Now we can see the success rate is 28.
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-138806201912.jpg
    5. This time Helen does Selects Materials>Silver Maske. Let's see what will happen.
    Realize you hero dream in <Hero Dream>![FREE][Amazing]-138806218263.jpg
    You see the success rate? It's 41. And the Silver Maske adds 13% to the success rate, right?
    12-26-2013 07:50 AM
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    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
    12-26-2013 11:29 AM

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