1. cobra302's Avatar
    Ok, search yeilded nothing that was of use. Is there ANY app that will only push twitter respones and such? something like boxcar for the iphone?
    09-14-2010 11:12 PM
  2. Paladin's Avatar
    There are a ton of twitter related apps available. There are widgets that can display them and various ones can put up notifications.

    I personally use "Touiteur." It has notifications on new tweets, new mentions and new messages. Most offer this so you have a lot of options.
    09-15-2010 10:47 AM
  3. kicko's Avatar
    I think what they were saying was push is instant and less on the battery then polling for updates set at given intervals.
    09-15-2010 10:58 AM
  4. cobra302's Avatar
    yeah, i know that there are twitter apps, and widgets, but i'm wondering if there is one that its sole purpose in life is to notify you of new things on twitter. not a client or anything. boxcar sends push notifications for twitter, but isnt a twitter client. all it does is poll your acct on their end and then send you a notification when you have something waiting. i know that notifo was supposed to be working on an android app, but i havent heard anymore on it.
    09-15-2010 12:46 PM
  5. Paladin's Avatar
    What is wrong with just installing an app and just let it notify you? You don't have to open the app after you set that up if you don't want to.

    Either way you need to have software installed so what does it matter if it is a full app, most are small anyway?
    09-15-2010 01:03 PM