1. DaveRave24#AC's Avatar
    I recently swapped out my Palm Pre for the HTC EVo..Love it.
    I am presently looking for an electronic wallet of sorts to store my info.

    On the Pre I used jvault which worked fine....Is there anything similar here?

    Has anyone had success using one, I read one review that likes, than 2 that hate, or vice versa..LOL Getting a headache..

    Thanks in advance.
    09-15-2010 01:57 PM
  2. theanswer3's Avatar
    I have loved ewallet since back in my winmo days. on android it is only a reader but i find it does fine.
    09-15-2010 02:21 PM
  3. g_schrage52's Avatar
    The jVault application has been developed for Android by the Cohosoft team. I have been beta testing for a month and it works great. It even allows you to import your old webos information.

    Market Link

    11-09-2011 09:32 AM