1. gpman's Avatar
    iFMW released on 20th Aug. was newly updated

    In this upgraded version, we refined some inconvenient features including contents-sharing procedure that heard to be a little tiresome.

    The upgraded features are:
    First, notification mechanism for current status of the application and contents sharing;
    In the old versions online/offline status was shown as separated icon that could make confusion. In the new version, it is shown in single icon position, as well as representing the status of downloading and uploading status.
    Now, you can grasp the status of application by one icon.

    Second, displaying the download process of the contents;
    iFMW 2.0 shows downloading process on starting to demonstrate the status of iFMW to users.

    Third, advanced user search/display mechanism in phonebook;
    You can search the user from phonebook if you want.
    The phone book also reveals the online status of each user in the list.

    You can find the upgraded iFMW in Android Market.

    In the later versions of iFMW will meet you with more attractive and convenient features.
    09-15-2010 07:59 PM