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    I have a quick question. Is there a way to set the phone up to have different audible notification for an email versus a text message? I am used to having a separate sound for a text message that is different than the email. It looks the Fascinate just lumps them all together as a "Notification". Is that accurate, or is there a way to do what I described?
    09-15-2010 08:42 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    I can on the Nexus one, but I don't know about the Facinate.

    Go to each app, and find the settings, and select the ring tone to use.
    I have three Gmail accounts on my N1, and each one has a different ring tone because you can set the tone PER account.

    I can distinguish between Text Messages (sms) and Google Talk. (I use Gtalk way more than SMS) by setting the ring tone in the settings for each app.
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    09-15-2010 08:47 PM
  3. spencer500's Avatar
    Works perfectly. Thanks!
    09-16-2010 06:34 PM