1. Irui's Avatar
    Hello everyone!

    At Immersive Douro we just released our second game, and this time it's a FREE Exploration/Trials arcade game, with a blend of hand drawn and 3D assets!

    The game is rather simple to learn, but rather hard to get all the stuff !
    If you guys wanna help, just head over to Google Play - Depths , play it and tell us what you think! And who knows, you might even have fun

    Dont hesitate to talk to us!

    Best Regards, Geada
    01-02-2014 06:33 AM
  2. Jail4mind's Avatar
    Hey there!

    Depths just had an awesome Update!
    We want to share with you some of the improvements we were able to make thanks to your feedback!

    Controls - Controlling now is more responsive, the submarine turns faster and in a more agile way to were your pressing the screen.
    Visual effects - We added and improve visual effects on the power ups and in the submarine, corrected some level decoration mishaps.
    Tutorial - Created a lvl 0 were you're able to learn the main objectives and tools of the game, in a much more approachable fashion then before
    Reworked levels - we reworked and tweaked nearly every level to make them more reactive to the player, and more engaging and challenging.
    Misc. minor tweaks in game values, like all power ups are cheaper now, sizes and positions of triggers etc.

    C'mon download it Here! its free =P
    We're really invested in making this game awesome, so we really need your input to get there.

    Here's a small video comparing the old controls with the new ones:
    02-03-2014 04:56 AM

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