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    England, the land of legend and glory, was under patron of the mystic Knight. However, the massive empire began to collapse after King Arthur died. With fire and blood, Kings war swept the land. Following the disorder, disasters, warfare, death and darkness hung over the continent. In the tremendous chaos and turbulence, the new king would arise and bring light to England.

    The first Action & Combat mobile game in the world! The game is set in
    medieval King Arthur and Knights of the Round, has beautiful screen of manga. Four professions, kind of skills, Eight campaigns, hundreds of Checkpoints.
    [FREE][Amazing][First Combat mobile game][King Arthur]-138753696037.jpg
    Heroes emerge in troubled times! Now join King Arthur and strive to be the King of fighters with other millions players. You can get exciting experience of fighting game on mobile device as well as in arcade!
    [FREE][Amazing][First Combat mobile game][King Arthur]-138754238865.jpg
    The peak of mobile game ever! Be ready to join the fantasy world in King Arthur! There are gorgeous scenes and Incomparable sense of fighting! Unimaginable graphics, excellent and challenging dungeons, competition or cooperation with massive players, spectacular and incredible skills, all these factors make the game easy to learn, but difficult to master! More fun, more surprise! Couldnít wait anymore? Letís explore this mysterious land now!
    [FREE][Amazing][First Combat mobile game][King Arthur]-138754224177.jpg
    01-03-2014 08:35 AM
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    Looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
    01-03-2014 09:54 AM

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