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    Would you like to know whatís on top?
    Do you like the song and you canít stop playing it?
    Would you like to share this feeling with everyone?

    Weíve got the solution for you!


    Music Chart is the first mobile chart with the latest music.

    All you need is mobile phone with internet access, and then you can:
    - vote for favourite songs,
    - watch your favourite artistsí videos on YouTube,
    - read lyrics of your favourite songs.

    Touch the music, the app navigation:
    Chart - real-time updated chart from last 7 days with voting,
    Propositions - new singles waiting for your votes,
    Artists Ė a list of all songs that have ever been added to the Music Chart.

    Search your artist, then select, vote or watch on YouTube the video of the song you are interested in (it is adviced to install YouTube app from Google Play first. Although it isnít necessary, you will gain an access to the music clips).

    Finally you have a real chance to decide which song will be popular.
    Install Chart application and have fun with the best music sounds ever.
    Change the music industry with the touch of your finger!


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