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    Hello Everyone

    I'm proud owner of Droid X Just recently found this awesome forum and see all the enthusiastic Android fans here.

    I have developed an Application called Quick Tax 2010 for Singles. I want to encourage anybody wants to play with the numbers and see how it affects their tax situation for 2010 to try my app.

    Basically, the app helps you estimate the tax you will have in year 2010. You simply put in the numbers, such as # of dependent, annual salary, biz net income, rental income, IRA deduction etc.

    The best thing about this app is that as you are changing the number, your tax number automatically get re-calculated, so you can see how a change in a certain number affect your tax estimation. For example, my tax looks a little too high, let me put in 3000 IRA instead of 1000 I put in before, instantly I see my new estimated tax displays.

    The number and tax rates are pertaining to the year 2010 and this version is for people filing as single. A version with filing jointly will be released soon.

    More information is available on my web site: EZBK – My Android Applications | Monkey Can Code

    To download this free app (ad-supported):
    in Android Market, search for: ezbk.biz.taxestimatorad.
    Or try Quick Tax.

    There is also an ad-free version that is only $0.99 if you want to show your appreciation and support my effort.
    You can get the ad-free version by:
    In Android Market: search for ezbk.biz.taxestimator

    Thank you for trying out my application. Hope this is useful to you.

    09-16-2010 07:10 PM