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    Let me show you my implementation of the classic game Connect 4...

    Why Connect 4!??! But there are already tons of implementation of this game! ... Yes but mine is ad-free, that's a big difference


    This game is totally free and ad-free.

    This version features:
    -Online ranking
    -Scoring system
    -Possibility to play alone or with a friend
    -3 levels of AI
    -Very fast and clever AI
    -Support for more than 30 languages
    -No annoying popup to ask you to rate the game, etc.
    -Designed to work on big and small screens

    Feel free to send me your comments, suggestions and bug reports.
    Thanks and enjoy!

    Thanks to rate the application, this will help me a lot.

    [Free][Ad-free] Connect 4 - great classic-icon_144.png

    [Free][Ad-free] Connect 4 - great classic-menu0.png
    01-12-2014 02:11 PM

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