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    Mustache Photo Booth is an application that adds some fun to the good old photo booth by adding mustaches to pictures. You can share the result on your favorite social network (including Facebook, Google+, Picassa, ... and any other network provided you have installed the related app on your device) or via email.

    How does it work? Very simple: The app displays a random mustache and you have only 3 seconds to adapt before the picture is taken. After 4 pictures, the app combines them all into one single picture. It is not possible to redo one picture: like in the good old times once the picture is taken, it is too late ;-) Hey the goal is produce funny pictures, not to have perfect pictures!

    It works with front or back cameras but of course, it is very hard to take selfies with back cameras.

    It is a free and ad-free application! Enjoy!


    [Free][Ad-free] Mustache Photo Booth-icon256.png

    [Free][Ad-free] Mustache Photo Booth-device-2014-01-07-185102b.png
    01-12-2014 02:19 PM

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