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    I'm starting this thread for those of us who have favorite apps on beloved devices that haven't worked in like 4 months. If you're like me you're getting pretty frustrated because maybe the app you like always used to post to Facebook, but it hasn't for a couple of months. You report it, but no action ever seems to be taken. Or maybe the app you like hasn't been updated to record video on your model of phone, but it appears to record on all of the other phone models. You've written and written, and asked and asked, but no progress ever seems to get made. What I want to do here is compile a list of apps on a list of devices that haven't been working right for a while. Then I'll contact each app developer with a list of people who would like to see that app working on their device to see whether we can get some action taken. If we can't get action, we can at least get a defensible explanation for why no action is being taken. I'll start the ball rolling with just 2 apps as examples of what I think we need.

    The Viggle app on the 2012 Nexus 7 Android 4.4.2 Tablet: It won't even stay open! I used to be able to watch TV with my Tablet and the Viggle app worked perfectly. Since the system upgrade to Android 4.4 and then to Android 4.4.2, I can't even get it to stay open on my tablet.

    The Vine app on the ZTE Valet Android 4.1 phone. I got the phone in October of 2013. When I tried to record video, a message came up that said video recording was not yet enabled on my device. It is now mid January of 2014 and it still doesn't record video on my device.

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    01-14-2014 12:00 AM

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