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    Hi Toucher is an iPhone iOS 7 UI iPhone Assistive Toucher. Very cool UI like iOS 7 and easy to use. You can get the Exciting iPhone user experience in Android Phone!

    iTouch a button like the iPhone Assistive Touch, it floats in your phone screen (at the top of any APP), you can move it to any place.

    Major Feature:
    - Support iPhone iOS 7 UI Style and Assistive Touch feature
    - Support same look and touch feeling with iPhone
    - Support open the most famous website
    - Support back to the main screen
    - Support wifi on/off
    - Support rotation on/off
    - Support volume up/down
    - Support data connection(2G/3G) on/off
    - Support volume silent
    - Support customize the favorite apps
    - Support clean up the memory
    - Support bluetooth and flashlight on/off
    - Support press iTouch app icon to hide iTouch in status bar
    - Support long press settings to open the system settings
    - Support English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese language
    - Support recently opened application functionality.
    - Support long press wifi, bluetooth to jump to the corresponding settings interface
    - Support Flight Mode, GPS, Brightness, Vibration, Off-screen time, Network synchronization, Batter display, Hatpic feedback function

    Tag: iPhone Style, iOS, Assistive Touch

    #How to replace a new favorite app
    Long press to remove an exist one, then click "+" to choose a new app from list

    More convenient than the Widget.

    Enjoy it!

    If you meet any issue, pls don't just rate one star. We hope your email the issue to hidevstudio(at)gmail.com, we will definitely feedback and resolve your issue asap.

    You can get more iPhone Style and Android capability Apps in "Hi Dev Studio".

    Download Link:
    Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...oid.hi.toucher
    01-14-2014 02:26 AM
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    Upload V2.0.0 apkfile:
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    01-14-2014 02:30 AM

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