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    Pipe The Tap is a free puzzle available on Google Play Store.


    You have to try to connect all of the taps with the buckets, using only the pipes given. Each puzzle can be solved in the target number of moves. The fewer moves and the quicker time taken gives the highest score. Login with Google plus to take part in achievements and leader boards.

    If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can ask for a hint and get a number of pieces placed on the board for you, but this comes with a points penalty.

    Save your progress on any game and return to it at any time. Just press save from the paused message.

    Pipe The Tap - free puzzle from Rhames Games (me in other words)-screenshot_2014-01-14-22-12-36.jpg Pipe The Tap - free puzzle from Rhames Games (me in other words)-screenshot_2014-01-14-22-13-17.jpg
    01-14-2014 04:16 PM

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