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    Hi Everyone,

    Check out this new app Love Test - Love Match: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...bile.lovematch
    Love Test - Love Match is an interesting app. It helps you find out your potential lover, test your love compatibility (matching) with your lover, and view your love life horoscope. Just input your birthday, then you can get surprised love result!

    1. Love Match: find your potential partner, including birthdates range, zodiac sign, and compatibility description about your partner and you.
    2. Love Meter: test your love matching/compatibility between your partner and you. It will show how much is your love in percent!
    3. Love Life Horoscope: view your romance, personality, characteristic, lifestyle of your love life.
    4. Today Love Advice: get today love advice everyday!
    5. Love Tips: best love tips for men and women to make a perfect match between your partner and you.
    6. Share your love match, love horoscope, love compatibility, today love advice, love tips via Email, Google+, Gmail…

    *** Screenshots:
    [APP][1.6+][FREE] Love test - Love match-home.png [APP][1.6+][FREE] Love test - Love match-love-match.png [APP][1.6+][FREE] Love test - Love match-love-horoscope.png [APP][1.6+][FREE] Love test - Love match-love-tips.png [APP][1.6+][FREE] Love test - Love match-today-love-advice.png

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    01-16-2014 08:49 AM

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