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    A4. aFirewall allows you to configure multi scenes to block different call and SMS at different time. It has following features.

    1). You can add black number or white number from call log, SMS log, contacts or add it manually;
    2). Multi scenes is supported;
    3). You can set Call Block Mode and SMS Block Mode seperately;
    4).Support to multi hangup mode. You can forward the blocked calls to voicemail or a non-existing number. And you can set aFirewall to accept and hangup blocked calls to avoid forwarding to voicemail.
    5). Prefix wildcard supported;
    6). SMS response to blocked call was supported;
    7). Password setting is supported;
    8). SMS keywords Block is supported;
    9). Export and Import of black list, white list, settings and blocking record are supported;
    10). Complete log for rejected calls/messages;
    11). Support to block unknow and private calls.

    You can download it from market by searching "afirewall". Thank you.
    12-01-2009 08:08 AM