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  1. rndstudio2013's Avatar
    TDX – Tower Defense eXtreme

    New classic tower defense game on Google Play store.


    Vicious creatures from space are invading our world! They are coming through the green tile! We must not allow them to reach the red tile! At least not too many of them. Battle across a number of challenging battlefields and earn your medals! Be prepared for an ultimate challenge of fighting endless waves!

    TDX is almost free-style (classic) tower defense/strategy game that lets you make your own path and defeat the enemy!

    TDX Features:

    40 Challenging Levels
    Difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Endless
    Achievements: Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals, Endless record
    Towers: Gun, Slow, Laser, Mortar and Rocket
    Enemies: Normal, Fast, Slow and THE BOSS!
    Continuous Waves
    Multiple entry points
    Build or Upgrade While Paused
    4 Upgrade Levels
    Ambient Soundtracks
    Stunning Background Images
    Time acceleration: 2x, 4x and 8x!
    Large Maps
    Full Tower Stats Available
    Help / Game Play Tips
    No Ads!

    Download it on Google Play: TDX - Tower Defense eXtreme
    TDX Web site
    TDX YouTube channel
    Attached Thumbnails -ss4.jpg   -ss1.jpg   -ss10-2.jpg   -ss7_1.jpg  
    02-05-2014 03:13 PM
  2. cyberpero's Avatar
    Excellent game!
    02-08-2014 10:20 AM
  3. rndstudio2013's Avatar
    New version 1.0.3:

    - Android 2.3+ support
    - Campaign and level scores
    - Google Play Leaderboard support
    02-12-2014 06:36 AM
  4. rndstudio2013's Avatar
    New version 1.0.5:

    - 10 new and challenging levels
    - Multiple paths
    - Enhanced visual effects

    Thanks everyone for playing TDX. We hope that you will enjoy the new levels and find them challenging enough.
    02-22-2014 02:50 AM

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