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    Many times, the phone chooses, because of the angle, to change the screen's orientation even for apps you don't want to rotate. Nevertheless, the system only gives you the option to either totally disable the rotation, or enable it for every app. That isn't very satisfying, as you may like some apps to still rotate while others won't.

    Rotation manager is a tool that lets you choose which application you want to rotate or which one you don't want to rotate. It is a really simple app designed for the least possible power and RAM consumption.


    • Forced Portrait & Landscape (separately for each app or globally)
    • Forced Auto, forcing every app (even the ones that normally can't rotate) to rotate
    • Chuck NorrisOption to enable permanent notification (if you have RAM problems and the app doesn't run as it should, enable it)
    • For each app you can set three modes of operation (Forced Portrait, Forced Landscape, Forced Auto - by enabling both portrait and landscape)


    1. There is a 5-state button and gives you all the orientation possibilities for every app. Then you can select from the list for each app your desired orientation.
    2. Your selection will override the default global orientation. If you want only two apps to rotate and all the others to stay at their default, just disable global orientation and then select both Portrait and Landscape for the specific app in the list.
    3. After you have selected your desired apps, just enable the app (from the button on ActionBar) and you are set.
    4. Also, there is an option in the settings tab where you can set the app to start on boot. If you select it, then every time your phone boots it will remember your configurations and the app will run automatically.
    5. "Chuck Norris mode" enables an Invisible permanent notification which ensures that the service will not be killed by the OS. Enable it if you have low RAM problems and the orientation service stops.

    You can download Rotation Manager from Play Store

    Created By: SpyDiKo
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    02-12-2014 03:11 PM
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    Really good idea. Thanks for sharing.
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    02-12-2014 11:06 PM
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    Really good idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you very much. We hope you all enjoy it. Stay tuned for the next version which will have inverse rotation capabilities.

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    02-13-2014 03:25 PM

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