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    We are proud to announce the IOS/Android release of zombie Eats Brain. An action-strategy adventure where Brains are used to lure Zombies to death.

    Zombie Eats Brain-1st-screenshot.png

    How to Play:
    Zombies have hidden themselves in graves. Tempt them by strategically placing the Brains en-route to Water, Bullet Screen, Mine and other traps. Make sure the green odor stretches far enough to reach the Zombie hide-out. Zombies wont be able to resist the scent of tasty Brains and will come out to grab them. Use traps and contraptions to exterminate more and more zombies. Kill them before you run out of Brains. Unlock different challenging levels and compete with your friends on leaderboard.

    App Store link:


    Google Play Store link:



    Enjoy the fun!!
    02-13-2014 12:59 AM

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