1. sparker781's Avatar
    Hey all thanks for stopping by.

    Not sure if this is the right area but I figured what the hell.

    I have uploaded several albums to Google Music and all seems fine until I go into and play the music on my Galaxy S4. The albums are all out of whack in the sense that if an album has more than the artist on a song it categorizes the album as a second one. I don't understand why it does this and no matter what I do to fix this the issues never seems to disappear. Anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps another app...? I have used doubletwist and have a similar quandary.

    02-20-2014 11:06 AM
  2. thomas jackman's Avatar
    You are viewing your music collection by the album view, right? My music would be sorted in the same manner you described if I was viewing it by artist as opposed to by album.
    02-21-2014 09:32 AM
  3. sparker781's Avatar
    So thats normal than? If it is then I'll let it be as it stands. If not then do you have another recommendation on a good music app to use? If this keeps up I am just gonna buy myself an ipod and just say screw it
    02-21-2014 09:44 AM
  4. thomas jackman's Avatar
    Its normal behavior for viewing by artist. If you were to view your music by album, you shouldn't have this issue. The same goes for the ipod (I speak from experience). Artist view shows the music by artist. Say for instance, you had Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre albums. If these artist had collaborated on a single track together, it wouldn't know which artist to list it under if it only had to pick one. So, if you want to view the album as a whole, just select Album at the top of the screen.
    02-21-2014 11:07 AM
  5. sparker781's Avatar
    Okay...So essentially I have 2 albums for example....Both are by Foxy Brown and are the same album essentially however both songs are collaberatives with other artists so even though I am in Album view it puts htem as 2 seperate albums. I cant fix it no matter what I do
    02-21-2014 11:16 AM
  6. thomas jackman's Avatar
    Maybe try creating a playlist titled with the album name and only including the songs from that album??? As far as other apps that would remedy this, I am unaware of any.
    02-21-2014 12:38 PM
  7. Ry's Avatar
    Were your tags correct?

    Artist, Album, and Album Artist seem to be key.
    02-21-2014 01:07 PM
  8. sparker781's Avatar
    Yeah the web interface has all the albums correct....it's just when I'm accessing on my phone

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    02-21-2014 06:12 PM

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