1. ugimobilegames's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    We have developed new interesting game Little Bird,
    Would You like to bo so kind to send us feedback about it)))))))

    Little Bird!!! Flap the little wings of the Little Flappy Bird in this #1 thrilling adventure.
    Once you start, you CAN'T STOP!!! YOU WILL JUST BE ADDICTED!
    Our Happy Little Flappy Bird needs your help to avoid obstacles!
    Little Flappy Bird is a very simple game. Tap the screen to help your Little Bird flap the wings and try to avoid obstacles.
    Start now and downlaod the #1 bird game! Better than the original " Flappy "
    It seems really easy? Try now and you will see that it is more complicated than it seems!!!

    Game Features:
    - Simple controls - tap the screen to flap the wings;
    - A Little Bird bird that really rules and spreads its flappy wings!
    - Easy and fun to play challenge your friends!!!
    - No cheats in Leader Board play the game to beat friends records!
    - Bamboo avoid obstacles!
    - Social functions to compete with other players around the world!
    - Marvelous graphics - beautifully detailed world comes to life on this game!

    Get your bird, flap your wings, and find out now!
    If you are missing the original Bird? So go ahead and try out our Little Bird, you will love it!
    Do not waste time and download Little Bird now and invite your friends and try to be better than them!


    [New Game] Little Bird-artwork.png[New Game] Little Bird-screenshot_2014-02-19-21-00-07.png[New Game] Little Bird-screenshot_2014-02-19-21-00-43.png[New Game] Little Bird-screenshot_2014-02-19-21-00-55.png[New Game] Little Bird-screenshot_2014-02-19-20-59-52.png
    02-25-2014 03:59 PM
  2. xceeder's Avatar
    So you've basically copied flappy bird well done for creating something original :/

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
    02-25-2014 04:09 PM

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