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    Professional 3D modeling on tablets and smartphones is viable finally!

    - Major new version of Spacedraw available, further extensive updates to follow soon and regularly

    • is a full-featured 3D-modeling program for all Android tablets and smartphones
    • is developed from scratch to make use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout
    • introduces novel ways of viewing, drawing & modeling

    Features include
    • CAD construction
    • advanced polygon & patch modeling
    • lighting & texture mapping
    • 3d-painting

    Since the release in October 2012, Spacedraw has proved suitable for creating professional artwork, see the images below, done 100% with Spacedraw on a 4" smartphone (using beta versions of the new release).

    However, Spacedraw was not developed further for over a year, and serious bugs and shortcomings prevented its application in real-world projects. This will change with the release of version 1.1 today, that fixes over 20 serious bugs and adds more than 10 important features, e.g.
    • orthographic projection
    • backface culling
    • freezing objects
    • unselect tools
    • repeated extrude
    • completely redesigned reference CS management

    The further development runs at full speed now, next updates soon will bring
    • fundamental usability improvements
    • interactive help and tutorials
    • substantial performance increase
    • stylus support
    • a complete revision of the painting tools
    • a multitude of new functionalities, e.g. advanced rendering capabilities, boolean operations
    • full-featured animation

    Suggestions for improvements are highly welcome and will be taken seriously!

    See Scalisoft Spacedraw for further information

    Spacedraw is available as a free version without ads on Google Play and Amazon that can be used with the following limitations:
    • only scenes with up to 1000 vertices can be saved or exported as .obj files
    • the undo-history cannot be saved to files

    A key can be purchased for currently just $2.99 (until March 8, then $11.99) to remove these limitations (Google Play , Amazon)

    03-02-2014 10:35 AM

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