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    Anybody checked this out yet? I got it a few weeks ago from the market, and it's definitely a well hidden gem. Throughout the day, I like to write myself quick reminders/notes, and I don't want to have to go in and out of an app to read or edit them. MyReminders has an AWESOME widget that allows you to scroll through your reminders, or add a new one, directly from the widget. You don't have to file it into a category, or get bogged down with tons of options. Just add what you want, set an alarm if you need to, tap save, and then it brings you right back to the home screen. It costs $.99, but it's very well worth it. I use it every single day, and I definitely recommend it. Grab it from the market and test it out.

    More info:
    MyReminders Android Application
    09-25-2010 02:00 PM