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    Need to relax? Try remote massager to get physical therapy from your friend through the Internet. Or give a relax to your girlfriend or a new virtual friend, even when you are far away from her. The ability to send instant messages will help share wishes or to thank partner.

    Now the application icon can be hidden from the Android applications list. Call 69 to launch Massager. Let your personal life will be a secret!

    Remote massages has two modes:
    1. Classic mode - use it for yourself, by selecting from a wide list of possible vibrations (natural, gentle, strong, unusual, and etc) .
    2. Remote - the application reacts to tap on the screen and sends them through the Internet, and the second the phone will vibrate to the beat of your exact keystrokes. Alternatively, you can pass the selected vibration from the list.

    Remote mode allows you to select a random partner as well as to invite a particular person (it should be in your circles in Google+).

    Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...char2k.massage

    [FREE][APP] Remote Massage-banner_vibro_2.png

    [FREE][APP] Remote Massage-screenshot_2014-03-12-00-01-28.png [FREE][APP] Remote Massage-screenshot_2014-03-04-00-06-55.png [FREE][APP] Remote Massage-screenshot_2014-03-12-00-01-47.png
    03-17-2014 04:19 AM

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