1. Lurch81#AC's Avatar
    I have tried the actual yahoo app and several others but all of them seem to disconnect after like an hour and i stop receiving messages. Is there an app out there that stays connected so i can receive messages all day?
    09-27-2010 02:03 AM
  2. davidnc's Avatar
    I dont know of an app, but if you use the sms feature of yahoo messenger you can receive messages all day,,sometimes if you go a week without sms messages it boots you out but not always.

    You check and see whos online as well.

    You would need to have an unlimited sms text plan tho
    09-27-2010 07:01 AM
  3. Lurch81#AC's Avatar
    Trying out trillian seems to be doing the best, and if it does close it pushes email alerts when you get a message

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    09-27-2010 02:50 PM