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    Id like to transfer the trackid app history from my xperia mini pro to my moto g.

    Ive tried it with titanium backup, but the app crashes on load using the moto g.

    I've googled this to death and cant find much.

    The app on my xperia was built in to the phone and seems to be developed by gracenote.

    There is a Sony version on play store which is virtually the same but updated and slicker looking.

    Ideally I'd like to use the new app, using the history from the old app, but have read the databases are incompatible.

    I've looked for the file that holds the history but cant find anything.

    As a last resort, I'll start again with the new app, but would like to extract the history from the old trackid on my xperia and save as a text file. I dont really want to have to type /write down the list manually!

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    03-18-2014 03:30 PM

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