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    Okay. So I've had this problem and don't know where to post so I figured here would be best. When I am uploading albums to Google music using the manager, it'll match some like everything is co. And then just get stuck at 0% on a couple and never upload them. There are no errors. I have called Google and emailed them countless times and they have no advice. It is getting frustrating not being able to listen to certain albums because they won't upload for some stupid reason. If anybody has any light on this subject that would be wonderful.

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    03-22-2014 12:36 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    General help and how to probably would have been a better location for your question. More traffic is there.
    To your question: Have you tried re uploading them again?
    03-22-2014 08:59 AM

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