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    About SmartTM
    As Ralph Waldo Emerson said – “The ancestor of every action is a thought” and so it was with SmartTM®. We had the idea – to create an application that enabled the user to make tasks in accordance with the methodology of Getting Things Done® from notes contained in Evernote.

    In order to facilitate this, we wrote a list of features that we wanted to have in an application and found there was an absence of such an app on the marketplace.

    Our offering on the market- SmartTM® is a smart task manager based on the Getting Things Done® methodology which synchronizes with Evernote®, Google Calendar, iCal and will soon be compatible with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, which enables the user to create a list of tasks from e-mails, notes and assigns reference materials from files, photos and other forms of data.

    All data from Evernote, appear in the SmartTM® Inbox automatically, reducing the time spent on daily synchronization of these two applications. Smart processing helps you to deal with all this data and use one of the most important GTD® rules – “Zero Inbox”. The uniqueness of this feature highlights the fact that the management of data in SmartTM® is taking full advantage of the opportunity to Evernote. The integration is bi-directional.
    Create a to do list is also so intuitive. The task can be created from any kind of notes (or from a part of a note). It may also be created independently. The

    SmartTM® users has a number of features to manage tasks in accordance with the philosophy of Getting Things Done® like prioritizing tasks, assigning it to the project, adding context ect. Each task can be seen in the calendar, while its deadlinie recall the reminders. You can even add “Attitude” to the task, which helps you to select tasks fit to your mood, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the tasks performed by you.
    A major features distinguishing the application on the market, in addition to functionality such as Smart processing, calendar view, the option to add Attitude to each task and reminders is feature - smart review. The weekly review is critical for success in any productivity methodology especial GTD® and it is one of the steps people tend to resist the most. SmartTM® solves this problem. Smart reviews should appear every week, increasing the productivity of the user.

    SmartTM® is available on iOS/Android and WEB.

    We would like to ask you about feedback on this product.

    SmartTM - Best GTD Application | Discover the smart way - SmartTM Hompeage
    youtube.com/smartgtd - SmartTM YouTube Channel
    web.smarttm.com SmartTM WEB version

    play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onemln.smarttm - SmartTM on Google Play
    03-22-2014 04:21 PM

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