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    We are now in the last 13 days of trying to raise funding to illustrate our eBooks in our educational app for android. The app is made and can be downloaded from Goggle Play and Amazon app store now. We just need to hire some illustrators to make our eBooks look good.

    As our app is for children, it is has no adds and we are only charging 99p a year after the first 30 days, so gaining fund this way has been slow.

    Please help my Kickstarter campaign to to illustrate our exciting eBooks in our android app-ea61f2d1ce345b1d84bd3fe9537f41ff_large.png

    So please help us by spreading the word or pledging to our campaign.


    More information on the app can be found on our website: eduDroid - android in education
    Many thanks

    03-23-2014 06:13 AM

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