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    Clean Droid, A must have Android optimization and cleaner app.
    All the optimization features you need to take good care of your Android phone is now in just one app.


    [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-1.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-2.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-3.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-4.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-5.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-6.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-7.jpg [FREE] Clean Droid: Best app in Android Tools category.-8.jpg

    ★ Features ★

    ☆ Trash Cleaner: standard and advanced trash cleaners.
    ☆ Clean full system cache.
    ☆ Clean temporary data of Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Instagram, PicsArt, PicSay, Mozilla Firefox and 100+ other apps.
    ☆ Clean advanced cache files and temporary data.
    ☆ Clean app leftovers when an app is uninstalled.
    ☆ Automatically clean your device when cache size > 100MB, > 250MB, > 500MB, or periodically.

    ☆ Privacy Cleaner: Clean your privacy apps.
    ☆ Clean standard browser history, browser search.
    ☆ Clean Google Play history.
    ☆ Clean chat records.
    ☆ Clean saved records of downloaded apps.
    ☆ Clean passwords, history, cache and other user data via easy settings of top Android apps.

    ☆ Booster: RAM and Game boosters.
    ☆ Boost your RAM using our super RAM booster.
    ☆ Play games with higher speed using our Game booster. average boost of 15% for most games.
    ☆ Automatically boost RAM at screen off, or when RAM used is > 70%, >80%, >90%, >95%, or periodically.

    ☆ App Manager: Manage installed apps and stored apks.
    ☆ Batch uninstall apps.
    ☆ Batch backup apps.
    ☆ Batch share apps (apk of any installed apps)*
    ☆ Batch install apps.
    ☆ Move apps to SD.
    ☆ Move apps to Phone.
    ☆ Automatically backup newly installed apps.
    ☆ Automatically move newly installed apps to SD.
    ☆ Notify of idle/less-used apps in your device.

    ☆ Network Rescan Tool: Refresh your network connection easily without rebooting the phone.
    ☆ WiFi Rescan Tool: Lost WiFi connection? try our fast WiFi rescanner.

    ☆ Supported Language:
    ☆ Chinese (Simplified).
    ☆ French.
    ☆ Italian.
    ☆ Japanese.
    ☆ Korean (South Korea).
    ☆ Russian.
    ☆ Spanish (Spain).

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    Clean Droid got acquired by SimilarWeb, Website Traffic & Mobile App Analytics | SimilarWeb
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