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    VKarmane is an application for secure storage of important documents on your smartphone.

    Do you often have to enter data of your documents in various applications and questionnaires? You need your passport details, but you forgot your passport at home? You have several credit cards and you cant remember their account details? You forgot your card PIN code standing in front of ATM? You need your Tax ID Number, but you dont even remember what the document looks like?

    With VKarmane all your documents are always at hand!

    VKarmane allows you to add and store data of different documents. All your documents will be stored in encrypted form with a reliable encryption algorithm AES-256. No one except you will have access to your data.

    The main functions of VKarmane:

    Documents: Passport, Credit Cards, Tax ID Number, Birth certificate, Retiree ID Number, Driving licence, Health Insurance, Notepad etc;
    Attractive and realistic miniatures of your documents;
    Unlimited number of documents to add;
    You can send documents via SMS or Email;
    Storage of all documents on your smartphone (no need to access the Internet);
    Cloud sync over Dropbox.

    Download app in Google Play: VKarmane

    If you have any questions, suggestions or youve found a mistake, please contact us: hello@vkarmane.me

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    Our web site: Official web site
    03-24-2014 01:03 AM

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