1. Mr.Bunyan's Avatar
    This morning I added just about every pertinent(presumably) background application that had android or anything else in the title that I thought would/could be important into the ignore list so I could never accidentally kill them, let alone have to look at them on the list.

    I tried to go back to TW to look at an app I wanted to get some more info on ...and now I can't even get back to my TW home screen.

    Ultimately, this would be fine with me, as I live Launcher Pro.
    But now it's absence is dwelling on me and driving me crazy...

    Looking at the KILL selected apps screen:
    I notice that all the important firmware(?) that I had moved into the ignore list,
    and then back to the main listis there, YET there's a small gray circlewith an i in it; which leads me to believe that it's still ignored in some way...

    All the other background apps still have a color icon next to them as usual...

    ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED...first smart phone and I'm addicted.
    09-28-2010 03:39 PM
  2. terpitude71's Avatar
    09-28-2010 06:34 PM
  3. Madman420's Avatar
    Could you go into more detail?
    09-29-2010 12:31 AM
  4. moosc's Avatar
    Remove ATK. There isn't a need for it. It causes more harm then good.
    09-29-2010 04:34 AM