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    WhatsFun WhatsApp Smileys


    The revolution of Emoticons for WhatsApp is here. Get on your mobile funniest emoticons and icons for WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. .., and edit them as you want. Make memes thanks to Emoticons for WhatsApp application fully free. Thanks to the download system, you will get updates periodically with the best emoticons, without having to search on internet.

    With Emoticons for WhatsApp you will have also an icon in WhatsApp for easier sharing.

    Enjoy the different categories: animals, smileys, emoticons, faces, monsters, halloween... Create demotivation and motivation posters with the texts you want. You can also include them in your image gallery or take photos instantly.

    You can configure if you want to see the shortcut icon on your WhatsApp or not, also the amount of images in each category and the system will always show the latest downloaded discarding those older.

    Comes the revolution icons and emoticons for WhatsApp.
    03-29-2014 11:29 AM

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