1. quic's Avatar
    Has anyone tried SMS Notifier? It's new and it's amazing, just thought i'd post something up. This thing is great.

    if you use the stock sms app (which doesn't have popups) this is the best thing in the world. Unlike SMS Popup which sometimes causes games and apps to force close when it pops up suddenly this app it like the volume control.

    It comes up semi transparent without interrupting anything going on in the background in a volume control style window and fades out 5 seconds later. This allows you to glance at your text and get back to it later when you have time.

    Plus it allows total Icon customization, LED Color Customization, and repeat notifications if wanted. You have full control over where on your screen it shows up too!!

    everyones gotta check this thing out. It's in the android market and XDA
    09-29-2010 10:30 AM
  2. stacyadell's Avatar
    I have never had problems with sms popup causing games and apps to force close. sms popup also allows for led color costomization, repeat notifications, vibrate options, uses the contact picture in the popup and can be set to not pop up in certain circumstances. Plus you can directly reply, delete, quick reply, etc right from the popup message.

    Edit, There are two apps named SMS Popup, which are you talking about? The one by Adam K which is the one I use flawlessly or is it SMS Popup by Raon Mobility Co, which I have not tried but from reviews does not look very good.
    09-29-2010 01:07 PM
  3. quic's Avatar
    Adam K's i've used and i've loved it. The only issue i have with it is. If i'm playing certain games like Asphalt 5 and i get a text it has in the past caused that game to force close on this phone and my old eris. Also had the same problem with the Basketball Shot game on both phones.

    This is just a simple program. Tiny Tiny Tiny footprint. Although Adam K's is small in size as well but this is just tiny. It takes almost no space and gives you all the same options except for the option to reply. And this pops up and fades away on it's own so you won't even need to pause a game or get distracted. With this you can see write through it and continue doing what you were already doing.

    I've been typing emails before where a popup from another program like chomp handcent or adam k's would popup and id hit call in the middle of me typing and it would call that person only because it gave no warning and got infront of my keyboard. Or i've done the same thing and hit close, or delete or something else.

    With this app that won't happen because you can type through it. Just thought i'd post it up and let people know tho. It's a matter of opinion and i love this app.
    09-29-2010 04:28 PM