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    Hey everyone,

    at some point in time my friends and I realized, that our partners and even some friends where very fed-up for us gambling ClashOfClans and other mobile games. So I thought someone has to support us as gamers and smartphone-users in general! So here I'd like to introduce you to my app: Clash of Relations!


    ClashOfRelations - the modern mediator between smartphone users and a stressed environment!

    Everybody knows that phenomenon... You just started using your most beloved apps when suddenly a flood of comments arrives like "The food becomes cold" or "You should visit a doctor for being obsessed!" or "Decide between your phone and me" and so further and so forth...
    This is exactly where ClashOfRelations launches into with the goal to offer you a relaxed time and more fun with your phone while at the same time appeasing (or angering - as you like) the person that feels offended by you and your smartphone usage.

    • Choose your most beloved apps and let ClashOfRelations notify you after a certain time of usage you can determine!
    • Send generated messages (that are also editable) via SMS or WhatsApp to the person that feels offended and enjoy their reaction!
    • Emergency button for urgent situations!
    04-01-2014 11:49 AM

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