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    This game was created to bring a new experience to gamer from the famous game in FPS view.
    Gamer can easily switch between many views by a button include in 3D, 2D, 3D FPS
    Easy to make new surprising massage to other player in Edit mode
    Share your best score and total score to leaderboard
    - One touch controls.
    - Lots of fun.
    - Nice graphics.
    - Challenging gameplay.

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...loppyBird3DFPS

    [FREE] Flappy Bird 3D FPT from VietNam Dev-icon.png
    [FREE] Flappy Bird 3D FPT from VietNam Dev-graphicpic-copy.png
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    04-02-2014 01:06 AM
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    Oh, tks guy so much. I like it
    04-09-2014 11:40 AM

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