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    Is there any better place to store your favorite spots than Google Maps?
    Spot the Map uses Google Maps to help you organize the geographical part of your life.
    Easily create thematic maps and place marks where you want to go, every mark can have both a title and a description (more in future releases).
    You can create as many maps as you want and even share them via email.
    Start now creating maps with your favorite bars, the next vacation trip, your friends houses...

    Spot the Map

    Spot the Map [Free]-screenshot_2014-04-02-07-51-51.png
    Spot the Map [Free]-screenshot_2014-03-24-08-27-33.png
    Spot the Map [Free]-screenshot_2014-03-24-08-27-44.png
    04-02-2014 03:03 AM

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