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    Hi all!
    Compound 32 is a telelgitch - inspired game for Android. Its got monsters, weapons, mayhem, that unique Line-Of-Sight perspective, and procedurally generated levels! Its completely free so please give it a try!

    But wait, you say! Why is there in-app billing then?!? Well, yes, there is the option to purchase the Mutator capability for $.99 (Mutators change the gameplay in some unique way- think Insta-Gib in Unreal Tournament), but that is meant more as a 'Thank You' for those who want to support the game rather than a bald-faced money grab. The core game as it was meant to be played is absolutely free and has Achievements and Leaderboards.

    So please give it a go, and thanks for reading!

    Robots From Space

    You can check out more screenshots and info here:
    04-03-2014 11:15 AM
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    07-03-2014 11:41 PM

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