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    [BOX][/BOX]iCallYou App use the concept of fake phone" concept to remind your friends at the same time, it is like a real telephone calls. Just a few simple steps:
    1. select friends, it means you can call a lot of friends at the same time
    [free] iCallYou app - call you all at the same time-1184799_1465368147026620_475321487_n.jpg
    2. set up the specified time that you want to your friends to pick up the calls.
    [free] iCallYou app - call you all at the same time-1382218_1465368080359960_1259614666_n.jpg
    3. customize the caller ID when your friends received a phone call. any picture from your library
    [free] iCallYou app - call you all at the same time-1966834_1466092616954173_1781946865454985514_n.jpg
    4. pre-record voice messages
    [free] iCallYou app - call you all at the same time-10011524_1465368023693299_789739376_n.jpg
    5. send

    It is simple, but really a good tool and must have install in your smart phone. And it is essential for your life.
    It is totally free from download to call all of your friends. Trust Me ! It is True !
    Download from:
    Attached Thumbnails [free] iCallYou app - call you all at the same time-2014-04-05-12.43.58.png  
    04-05-2014 01:21 AM

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