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    Hi everybody!
    SocialCamp for Android has just been released and is available on Google Play store (free download). This is a social media dashboard for Android (Facebook and Twitter, with support for multiple profiles) and it has lots of standard features which you can find in other social apps as well (like, comment, retweet, etc), so I'll just describe the differences here.
    If you have any additional questions, I'll be happy to answer.

    - Unlike other SMM apps, SocialCamp doesn't use any third-party servers - it stores and processes all your data on device.

    - It has a really neat feature named Viral Posts. With this feature you can quickly view the most popular (retweeted, liked, commented, etc) posts & tweets from all the friends you follow.

    - SocialCamp can merge streams from all your accounts into one stream with an option to view them separately by swiping left and right.

    - You can schedule tweets and posts to be sent later. Unlike other apps which require subscription for scheduling, SocialCamp is subscription-free.

    Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...amp.social.app

    04-05-2014 11:24 PM

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