1. admsteck's Avatar
    I am trying to clean up my main home screen and have settled on launcher pro with the notification bar hidden, beautiful widgets, and only the phone in the bottom dock. I really like this set up so far with the exception that I cannot see the battery or signal "bars". Can anyone point me to a simple and clean looking widget that will show these on my home screen? Thanks.
    09-29-2010 09:11 PM
  2. Sabban's Avatar
    I use Moble Signal Widget and it works well and of course is free on the market
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    09-30-2010 05:29 AM
  3. packerbacker's Avatar
    Thanks- I'm going to pick up this widget also! I too hide my notification bar with Launcher Pro.
    09-30-2010 05:40 AM
  4. geocomp's Avatar
    I use System Info Widget. It has a battery and a signal icon along with some other info.
    09-30-2010 07:26 AM