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    Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....raccoonLagoon

    Ever See a Flying Crocodile?!

    Guide Duncan the Raccoon to fortune and glory as he searches for the mythical Croctonian Golden Apples! The apples are found in only the most dangerous temples- with waters full of foes, tricks, and traps! Prepare to use your wits and your fists as you take on the Raccoon Lagoon and the hungry Crocodiles that await inside!

    Raccoon Lagoon features 5 worlds with 25 levels of intense platforming fun- some levels with multiple paths!
    Simple and intuitive touch controls- the game features a quickness that allows for pick up and play action!
    Beautiful art style!
    Flying Crocodiles!
    Collect as many gold coins as you can to earn completion stars!
    No microtransactions- ever!
    Its free to play with only low profile ad support!


    Lake Lodge Games is a one-man independent game development studio focused on creating character-driven, fun and original IPs for mobile platforms. Your feedback is the only way I can grow!

    Check out my website:

    Lake Lodge Games - Home

    Contact me at lakelodgegames@gmail.com

    Join my Facebook Pages:


    Follow me on Twitter: @lakelodgegames

    Thanks for Checking Out My Game!

    04-08-2014 08:15 PM
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    Thanks for sharing!

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