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    Hi guys, this is our app for free.
    Firstly, let's have a look at theControl Center display:
    Path style:
    Ray style:
    Feature List:
    - Supports toggles for most of the Android configurations, including WIFI, ringer mode, Bluetooth, VPN, vibration, GPS, brightness, data connection, automatic synchronization, rotation, volume, airplane mode, WIFI hotspot and etc.
    - Supports simulate HOME button, lock screen trigger, expand status bar, recent tasks, etc.
    - Flashlight
    - One click to clean memory
    - Music controller, which supports most of the popular music players
    - Shortcuts to launch the specified application or function
    - System status monitor: memory info, SD card info, system load info, battery info, unread SMS and missed call, etc.
    - Sleep mode, which can block the disturb during your rest and will not miss the important calls
    - Multiple running mode: Control Centrer, assitive touch, Path menu and rays menu
    - Customization of shortcuts, toggles, operation style and also, many icons and themes.
    If you met uninstall problems, please try to uninstall it in settings of this app.
    Google Play Link
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    04-08-2014 11:45 PM

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