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    A simple & minimalistic T9 based dialer to quickly access and launch installed apps on your Android.


    ★ Searching local apps by app name.
    ★ Simple T9 keyboard.
    ★ Quick searching.
    ★ Change colors of buttons to suit your theme.

    Dial An App uses simple write ahead search which matches keywords as you type in order to save multiple key press. It uses a simple T9 keyboard which allows user to type and search apps faster.

    This is a power user tool and yet very simple to use, helps you stop scrolling through endless list, launch applications in a few clicks. Just press on any number-pad button to search for the symbol on it.

    Also choose how you want your dialer to look by choosing from a endless array of colors.

    Dial an App is a very lightweight T9 launcher that can solve all your app launching troubles.

    How to Use:
    1. Press the on screen buttons having the text you want. Similar to phone dialer.
    2. Click the icon to launch an application.
    3. Long Click Clear button to get to color menu.
    4. Press back button to close.

    More Features & Enhancements coming soon !
    Kindly leave feedbacks.

    Download :
    Play Store Link

    Screenshots :

    04-09-2014 02:57 AM

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